ALEOproductions Featured in Year in Review

The year in Hudson music: New venues brought new energy in 2017

JAIME DeJESUS,  ALEO Productions, Musician

"This past year, I have seen an enormous refinement in the output of musical production in both JC and Hoboken. For example, the birth of SilverHorse Studios in Hoboken has given musicians a high quality and affordable place to record and preserve their work. It's also a sonically wonderful place to rehearse. Wherein the last few years we have been cultivating venues to improve their stages and backlines for higher quality places to create live art, this year we have studios providing spaces to move forward for recorded and other avenues of expression. There is intention in every performance, from cover-gigs to album releases. There is a bigger picture of expression and beauty that everyone is working for and I see it growing at a seriously intense rate. This being said, it is the musicians at the center who are constantly raising their levels of creativity alongside their level of craftsmanship and skill and I see 2018 as a deeper unification of the artists who curate the space and the artists who create the sound."