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ALEO: Three Days of Peace and Music

ALEOproductions presents 3 concerts in 3 days at 3 different venues:

Fifty years ago, in August of 1969, Woodstock made a significant impact on the world. These 3 days of music were a beacon of peaceful expression using music to bring joy in a time where so many people were feeling powerless to the decisions the world’s governments were imposing.

The Cold War was stewing. America had landed on the moon in July while the Soviets sent probes to Venus and had cosmonauts orbiting around the Earth. A student in Prague sets himself on fire to protest the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, while the US National Guard sprays skin-stinging powder on protesting students in California. Huge groups of protestors and highly organized groups opposed American Imperialism and the wars that came with it. Tensions in the Middle East between Israel and other Arab countries were escalating, while the US and the Soviet Union struggled to gain strongholds for the oil supply in that region.

It was an intensely pivotal point for our society in America and in the world.

And in the summer of this pivotal year, organizers, artists, musicians, and a beautiful audience of 400,000 people came together to celebrate and create the Peace, Love, and Music that was Woodstock.

On July 31, August 1, and August 2 of 2019, the music community of the greater Hudson County will use this example on the 50year anniversary to spread joy and love and happiness in the best way we know how. The bands involved will pay homage to the artists who defined this monumental concert while performing the music they have created that reflect the pulse of our society, 50 years later.

July 31 - Pet Shop

Aug 1 - FM

Aug 2 - White Eagle Hall