The Latest Noise Presents An ALEOproduction of The Last Waltz
8:00 PM20:00

The Latest Noise Presents An ALEOproduction of The Last Waltz

In November 1976, a bunch of the finest musicians of the time came together to celebrate THE BAND's final performance, The Last Waltz at the esteemed Winterland Ballroom.
This November 2018, a bunch of Hudson County’s finest musicians will come together to recreate this historic event at White Eagle Hall.

The Band

Jaime DeJesus
Jeff Fernandes
Aaron Kotler
Gerry Rosenthal

Jim Bell
Jeremy Hunt
Ben Krupit
Matt Schoenebaum

The Guests

Dave Entwistle
Sean-David Cunningham
Carlos Haase
David Ribyat
Jack Breslin
Morgan W. O'Hara
Sylvana Joyce
Dave Calamoneri
Chris Smith
Jonathan Andrew
Casey Solomon
Tommy Strazza
Lloyd Gold
Liam Brown
The Defending Champions
Chuck Tumulty
Ryan Freid
Ross Sandler
Christina Alessi
Bill Hamilton
Jaime Della Fave
Carolyn Monroe
Rob Nicholas
Mike Kuzan

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7:00 PM19:00

ALEOproductions with the City of Hoboken: The Paul Simon Engagement

This year, ALEOproductions and the City of Hoboken are celebrating the musicians of our community with the music of Paul Simon.

In 1972, Paul released his solo record, "Paul Simon", after splitting with Art Garfunkel in 1970. His clever song structures, intricate arrangements and weep-worthy storytelling has made him into a unique and historical artist, who's work will undoubtedly last throughout the ages.
We'll be covering music of this catalogue through Hearts and Bones, Rhymin' Simon, Graceland, Rhythm of the Saints and some other gems.

This annual event has become a wonderful way for the artists, who are hard at work building the musical architecture and gardens of Hoboken, to celebrate with each other and the community. Our intent is for your delight!

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An ALEOproductions Evening
9:00 PM21:00

An ALEOproductions Evening

FM Presents: ALEOmusic
Thursday, March 29th FREE 9pm

Join us for our weekly Hometown Heroes Music Series hosted by Jack Breslin
This weeks artist: ALEOmusic [

Come celebrate a collection of ALEOengagments with the Sun Dogs Orchestra. We'll be pulling from our catalogue of Soul, Bowie, Zeppelin, Winehouse, and Huey Lewis and the News, for some short sets of each.
No static at all!

Peter J. Bellomo
Bilgehan Tuncer
Leo Main
Stu Damm
Ben Krupit
Jeremey Hunt
Casey Solomon
Dave Calomoneri
Jaime DellaFave
Liam Brown
Carolyn Monroe
Jon Andrew
Ryan Freid
Ross Sandler
Mike Kuzan
Peter Bonington
Carlos Haas

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